Men’s Game Reports – Dec. 17


Match day 1 saw an interesting matchup pitting rivals Panthers against Warriors. This rivalry stretches back to the Kings Cup which Panthers had one up on Warriors and Warriors later revenging in the Idd Cup.

Panthers surprisingly lost at home, 2 to 4 in a highly charged game as usual. This loss puts Warriors at 2-1 against the Panthers in this rivalry. At the final whistle Panthers players looked dejected and had a very frustrating game dropping many balls, getting many turnovers and having a handful of shots at the Warriors goal. Warriors displayed great teamwork and had a well organized defence marshaled by the intelligent play of Jeff Anwar and an aggressive attack lead by midfielder Nyakana (cpt) and forwards Kaviiri and Oscar.

The game kicked off at a high pitch with Panthers midfielder, Okello getting a yellow in the 3rd minute, the game was pretty even much even in this quarter until skilled play between Nyakana, and Oscar led to Phillip’s goal in the 10th minute of the first quarter. Warriors’ attack man Oscar, added a second in the last minutes of the quarter.

The second quarter pretty had Panthers in control of most of the play. Okello pulled one back with a fine goal in the 12th minute of the quarter and Onen made the game level in the 3 minutes later with fine display of individual wizardry.

The third quarter had the Warriors on top with three wasted clear chances by attack Kaviiri at the Panthers goal. Steven scored one in the 13th minute of the half to cap Warriors dominance of this half.

The last quarter was pretty similar to the second, however sloppy defending from the Panthers saw Warriors Daniel make a clean break and score the last goal of the game.

Panthers Goals: Okello – 4:01; Onen – 4:08  

Warriors Goals: Phillip – 3:42; Oscar – 3:49; Steven – 4:18; Daniel – 4:28   



The evenings match saw Oneonta go against Kings in a very highly charged one sided game. Oneonta dominated most of the play and won this game. They should have come out with more on the score board. Kings players accumulated 16 fouls through the game and saw a player get sent off for violent conduct.

The game had Oneonta captain and midfielder Pato come out as the man-of-the-match with a fine goal to compliment. This win put the disciplined Oneonta at the top of the table so far, dislodging Warriors after their earlier win.

The game started off to a good start for both sides with the ball moving from goal to goal. This truce only lasted for 6 minutes before Pato broke clean through the Kings defence took a wild shot and scored. This goal woke the Kings up, who launched a few attacks to get even.

The second quarter went on with no fine gameplay. The Kings team was frustrated because they saw little possession, dropped the ball a lot and had various turnovers. This quarter produced 9 fouls with 6 fouls committed by Kings. The quarter ended with no interesting event.

Much better than the second quarter, the third started with fine play from Oneonta directed by their ever present captain Pato. This produced a goal in the 8th minute when midfielder Musisi cut through Kings defence and scored his first goal of two. This had the Kings self-destruct as their frustration rose. Musisi, in defence, made a tackle on a Kings player who lashed out and had the umpire send him off.

The last quarter was much more interesting with Oneonta dominating possession well-orchestrated by Pato. Musisi again made an aggressive run into the Kings half and scored in the 8th minute, Oneonta’s midi Ryan complimented this with a fast break from the wing and scored 2 minutes later. The game was packed and wrapped up by this time but Oneonta attack Sam wanted his name on the score-sheet and undefended took a shot and scored. Kings had a frustrating game with only 3 shots on goal but had their goalie to thank for the low score. The goalie had a number of fantastic saves and despite the loss, has shown he is currently the best goalie in the league.

Oneonta Goals: Pato – 5:06; Musisi – 5:48; Musisi – 6:08; Ryan – 6:11; Sam – 6:20                         

Kings Goals:

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